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 Convict Lake Fish Report

We prepare a fishing report every Saturday during fishing season and the General Store Staff always has daily tips. Links to fishing reports for the season are provided below or you can sign up to receive our fishing report directly by providing us with your e-mail address below. 
Convict Lake Fishing Reports 2014:
4/29/2013                6/01/2013                7/06/2013                8/17/2013                9/21/2013           10/26/2013
5/04/2013                6/08/2013                7/13/2013                8/24/2013                9/28/2013           11/01/2013
5/11/2013                6/15/2013                7/20/2013                8/31/2013              10/05/2013           11/09/2013
5/18/2013                6/22/2013                8/03/2013                9/07/2013              10/12/2013           11/16/2013
5/25/2013                6/29/2013                8/10/2013                9/14/2013              10/19/2013

Convict Lake Tactics & Bait:  Depending on the time of the season and temperature of the water, a variety of baits will be productive.
Bait:  Pinched Crawlers, Gulp Worms, Inflated Night Crawlers, Power Eggs, Power Worms, Small Spinners (like Mepps), Panther Martins, Chunky

Cheese Power Bait, Troll with Rapalas, Needlefish or Thomas Buoyant.
Lures:  Panther Martin, Thomas Buoyant, Phoebe, Little Wolfs or Cripplure.
Trolling:   Little Cleos, Dave Davis Night Crawler or Lead Core 4-6 colors, Rapalas, Rebels or Pin Minnows (depth depends on water temperatures).
Flies:   Marvel Fly, Prince, Hares Ear, Lopper Johns or Ant Beatles.

Convict Creek:
Flies: Strip Streamers, Adams,
Bait: Eggs, Night Crawlers and Power Worms

Other Resources:
Rick's Sporting Goods and Kittredge Sports in Mammoth Lakes also have great tips at their store fronts.


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